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We will first meet in the village and have a quick tour of the local Bedouin life. The tour will then begin with a wild desert exploration by jeep to see the fascinating parts of the desert.


During the hottest part of the day, we will rest and have lunch. When lunch is finished we will head to the Jebel Al Hash, where the best views of Wadi Rum are found on the top of the mountain. Stunning and great views will appear once you have reached the summit. With the breathtaking panorama around us, we will have a traditional bedouin tea. After that, we will come back from the other side of the mountain. Don't forget a cover against the sun, because there is no shade at the summit. If you want a full-day easy hike with the best views in Jordan, this is the hike to pick!


Climbing the Jebel Hush

2022-2023 Per Person Price for the program: 

   1 Person: 110 JD

2-4 Persons: 80 JD 

5-7 Persons: 70 JD

8+ Persons: 55  JD

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