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The one day tour to the highest mountain in Jordan is one to never forget. The drive from Rum village to the mountain on the border with Saudi Arabia is 40km and will take about one and a half hours. It will take us through the vast and quiet Wadi Saabit; the white desert.

Once we arrive at the base of the mountain we will make a two and a half hour guided hike to the top. The hike itself is not a hard one, we only have to follow the path to the summit with nothing more than hillwalking. On the top of the 1832 meter high mountain you have a 360 degrees panorama from the valleys of Wadi Rum to the lands of Saudi Arabia.


Our descent will take  little less than the two and a half hours and the ride back to  Rum village takes one and a half hour.


Jebel um Adami in a day

2022-2023 Per Person Price

for the program: 

2-4 Persons: 85 JD 

5-7 Persons: 70 JD

8+ Persons: 50 JD

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