About Me

My name is Salem Sabbah, from the Bedouin tribe of Zalabieh. I grew up in the desert caves and I am very proud of my bedouin culture. I would like to share it with all of you who are going to visit my area.


After years and years working with tourists in the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum, I have become very experienced as a tour guide. Not only am I a very good driver, but also a professional trekking guide. I speak and understand English well enough and I want to share my passion of the desert with all of you!


I will show you the tracks of animals, drawings on the sand, and I will tell you about our wild bedouin life here; I will lead you through unknown canyons and roads. We will share together the pleasure of being in such an amazing place.

You can decide to sleep under a bedouin tent in a camp or outside in the moonlight. You can also decide if you prefer to visit Wadi Rum by jeep or by foot. I will adapt my tour to everyone because each one has his own rhythm; each one has different wishes. I am sure you'll spend an unforgettable moment with us in our desert.